Videos from the IVA student showcase at the Queen

On Saturday, March 15th, the World Café Live and I hosted the IVA student showcase. About 25 of my students performed upstairs at the Queen on Market Street. It was an inspiring afternoon hearing each student share their unique sound. Everyone remarked on the incredible level of talent and felt that the professional atmosphere of the room enhanced the students’ performances tenfold. I thought I’d share some videos over the next few posts.

Here is Kylie singing “You Lie” by The Band Perry. Enjoy!

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Student success stories! John Perkis, choir director

John Perkis conducting the Timber Creek High School Choir

John Perkis came to me for voice lessons about two years ago. He is a choir director (and jazz band director) at Timber Creek Regional High School in Erial, New Jersey. He is a percussionist by training, and wanted to know about vocal technique so he could better help his students during their choir rehearsals. He come for an hour lesson every week and it’s made quite a difference for him and his students. He has added the vocal exercises that we do for his students and has also been able to ask me questions about how to help his singers through some of the more challenging parts of their vocal range. They love the exercises and are sounding better and better, he says. He also used our vocal training to help his students prepare for the school musical “Annie” this year and said it was a huge help, particularly as all the voices carried and no one lost their voice during rehearsal or performances. I am thrilled that John is able to help so many singers through our work together.

John’s voice has also grown tremendously and I am hoping he’ll perform at one of my student recitals!

More from the most recent student recital soon …

THANK YOU! Surpassed our Kickstarter goal for album #3!

IVA Kickstarter


Friends, thank you for helping raise $12,827 of our asked $10,000 Kickstarter goal. We received even more in donations sent to me via PayPal or privately. I am beyond thrilled. You have now given us even better circumstances for a fruitful recording and release of my third album.

If you were not able to give in time for the Friday, March 28th deadline, but would like to, you can still donate via PayPal to my email address Or contact me via email if you have any further questions. I will do my best to honor the same rewards as are listed on my Kickstarter profile,

I can’t tell you how grateful I am for your help, and how good you have made me feel. I have never had so many people become part of my album projects, and we go into this one 150+ strong. Here’s to the future!

Peace and love,