“Keep you eyes open for this remarkable crossover talent … she’s the real thing”
Michael Trojan TriState Indie (March 8, 2011)

Kristofer Ahlström (May 15, 2009) – Café

“IVA doubles up in Sweden”
Hazel Davis (Mar 28, 2009)

“I have seen a rising star – remember where you read it first!”
Annika Sundbaum-Melin (Jan 22, 2009)

“Lovingly crafted .. this is top quality, ultra commercial pop rock that should become massive all
over Europe, and I absolutely love it.”
Phil Wooldridge, Ravenheart Music (Oct 20, 2009)

“The music grows and sounds more like Within Temptation, but in a more unique way.”
Lea Pålsson (May, 2009)

“A little jewel is this album that will please fans of pop/ rock with electronic elements, and this is
the best pop/rock album I’ve heard in many years from a lady with a fantastic voice!”
Arne Asbolmo, Melodic Hard Rock Today (Sep 27, 2009)

“It is a rarity to find someone who is willing to dive into the world of pop music when their
background is so strongly grounded in opera, but that’s why this album works as well as it does.”
Jonathan Ostrow, Mic Control Blog (May 13, 2009)

“Opera Singer Turned Rock Goddess”
Tony Mallett, Up Front Cover, Belgium (May 1, 2006)

“The absolute brightest shining star of the evening”
Smålandsposten, Sweden

“A true singer in the making”
Dala Demokraten, Sweden



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