SAVE THE DATE: IVA mini-concert Sunday, November 22nd 4pm ET! 
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On Sunday, November 22nd at 4pm ET I will be giving a second mini-concert on my YouTube channel. We had a great hang at the first mini-concert, so please join us again to connect with good people for good vibes.


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At the concert, I’ll be playing new songs on guitar (I learned to play as a Covid project) and piano from my cozy living room.


PLUS … I have some silver lining kinda news – I am working on an opera. The time reflecting during the pandemic has motivated me to take on longer forms of work and address some issues that are important to me, including creating new works of opera AND facing a personal struggle I had as a victim of domestic abuse in a relationship. I will share a sneak peak of music from the opera “Inside Out” during the mini concert.


Here’s a bit more on the opera for your enlightenment: “Inside Out” is meant to give domestic abuse victims a new story that empowers them, serving as an inspiration to trust one’s own voice. The music-theatre piece juxtaposes popular & classical singing to portray the emotional outbursts of domestic abuse victims (a crime that has worsened during the pandemic). Shown parallel to an instinctive “freeze state”, we watch victims step out of their fear with a visceral “screaming” in their own defense. The scream is singing in a heightened operatic style, emerging from more popular style vocals. I believes that pushing the boundaries of the voice allows characters to have powerful, spontaneous, limitless expression. The opera is scored for ten voices and will premiere January 2023.


Since 2006, Beth Morrison Projects (BMP) has been an industry disruptor & tastemaker at the forefront of musical & theatrical innovation by commissioning, developing, producing, and touring groundbreaking new works of living composers, which take the form of opera-theatre, music-theatre, vocal-theatre, and new forms waiting to be discovered. Their productions of Ellen Reid & Roxie Perkins’ “p r i s m” earned the 2019 Pulitzer Prize.Remember : Join me November 22nd for new singer-songwriter material and opera excerpts! Suggested donation of $5 via Venmo (@Emily-Tepe)!