PIFA Flash Mob Dance Instructions

This Saturday is the PIFA Street Fair, and Philly’s South Broad Street will be blocked off for performances, food and drink all day long…

And for the day, PIFA is looking for people to join their Dance Flash Mob. You’ve seen these videos blowing up on YouTube – where all of a sudden, at a train station or in a store, people spread out around the place and break into dance. The most recent on in Philly was thanks to the Opera Company who did theirs, called a “random act of culture” at Macy’s this Christmas.  It’s had 7 million views! Believe me, if you get involved, you’re gonna get BIG on YouTube! People travel from all over the place to see these things so it’s sure to be an event.

Opera Company of Philadelphia’s Random Act of Culture

So, are you ready to join the mob??

email DanceFlashMob@pifa.org
Date/Time:  Saturday, April 30 @ 1:45pm
Place:  PIFA Street Fair, in front of the Sansom Street Stage on South Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA
Rehearsal:  April 30 @11:00am in the Kimmel Center Parking Garage

Get out there and dance!

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