Recording for YouTube and Soundcloud

August 3 - 7, 2020
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What would having a GREAT song on SoundCloud do for you? How would creating a HOT YouTube video make you feel? 

You’ve been wanting to become a part of the online music sharing world, haven’t you? You’ve been meaning to make a recording or a video but haven’t done it yet? How long have you been feeling this way?

This class will make your DESIRE a REALITY, and help you create content that makes you PROUD.

During the pandemic, our homes have become our primary creative space. MAKE THIS TIME COUNT!

IVA Voice Studio is offering a week-long online seminar for students to learn how to record themselves in a home studio and post that content on online music forums like SoundCloud and YouTube.

With the help of Universal Music artist IVA and New School of Jazz and Contemporary music trained Michelle Ley, you will:

  • Learn to record with hardware and software that you already have or that is easy to access
  • Create a space at home in which you can make high quality recordings
  • Record audio and video that makes your listeners/viewers pay attention
  • Learn how to promote your music online
  • Get help creating your SoundCloud and YouTube accounts
  • Get help registering your original work if necessary of ASCAP or BMI to protect it
  • Perform online LIVE with your classmates
  • * BONUS – private follow-up strategy session to help keep your recording going strong.

In addition, special guest actress Camille Natta (Netflix’s “Hollywood”) will teach you how to work with a camera, setup a home space that looks good for recording, and to help put your performance across on a screen.

Classes meet in the mornings. As a student you will use the afternoon to work on your own projects. Scheduled coaching help will be available during this time. You will then share their work the following day with other participants and receive feedback and guidance from your peers and your teachers.

Group meetings in the morning will take place on Zoom from 9am-12pm EST Monday through Friday. Afternoon one-on-one coachings will take place as scheduled calls on FaceTime, Skype, What’s App, or Zoom.

The class will culminate with an ONLINE PERFORMANCE over Zoom which will BROADCAST to YouTube Premiere.

Those who capitalize on the opportunity of THIS MOMENT will reap dividends for years down the line. You will have the satisfaction of knowing you have the tools to make great music and videos at home, build an audience of people who genuinely like you and follow your music for years to come, and hone your sound and style in a safe space. Sharing your music will give you more opportunities to perform and record well into the future. No more waiting for things to “open up” for you to be able to do what YOU TRULY WANT TO DO.



IVA, Michelle Ley, and Camilla Natta

IVA’s ethereal vocals and heartfelt songwriting have carried her across two continents and successfully bridged musical genres—she is that rare crossover artist, a songwriter and bandleader, an art-song interpreter, and an opera singer.

Born Emily Samson Tepe, IVA trained at Princeton University, the Juilliard School, and the Manhattan School of Music before moving to Stockholm, Sweden, on a Fulbright scholarship to study the music of her ancestors. She was poised for a career as a classical singer, winning rave reviews for her concerts abroad, until a chance meeting changed her direction: at the gym she got to chatting with the casting director of Late Night with Conan O’Brien, who invited her to sing on the show. Max Weinberg took notice and IVA returned many times as a singer and actress. She realized her voice suited more modern settings for music. Read more …

Michelle Ley
is a NYC based singer-songwriter, marrying the pop form, to honest lyrics, a broadway vocal training, and jazz composition. She aims to bring sophistication to pop music, while still maintaining relatability through her sound. Inspired by the music of Sara Bareilles, and the powerful vocal performances of singers like Jessie J, Michelle tries to bring the highest quality vocal sound to everything she performs. Michelle has been writing music since she was a child, and recorded her first studio EP at 15-years-old. She has since performed in cities such as Philadelphia, NYC, Orlando, and her hometown Wilmington, DE. She was a featured artist at the all-women’s music festival, The Ladybug Festival, in 2016 and 2017. Michelle has performed on many national stages, and has even earned the title of Miss Manhattan in 2018, going on to perform, and win an overall talent award at the Miss New York competition. Michelle is a recent graduate of The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music, earning a bachelor of fine arts in Vocal Performance. Michelle is currently working on a new music, and further developing her unique sound.

Michelle is an accomplished music teacher, having taught private lessons with Iva Voice, Brooklyn Music School, and Serviam Girls Academy. She works with beginners and professionals alike, developing a high skill of vocal technique, as well as helping students find their own original sound.

Camille Natta
graduated from Oxford University, where she won the Spirit of Cuppers Award for her performance and directorial debut in What the Butler Saw. She acted in several films in London and performed in multiple plays in Paris, including productions at the prestigious La Cartoucherie and Le Theatre de la Tempete, where she worked with acclaimed director Philippe Adrien.

She was the female lead opposite Jean Reno and Christopher Lee in the cult favorite Crimson Rivers 2; the lead in the independent feature Hari Om, which was shot entirely in Rajasthan, India; recently worked opposite Zoe Saldana in Nina and is a series regular in the web series Sexpectations. Most recently, she played Luise Rainer — winning the Academy Award for Best Actress at the 1936 Oscars — in Ryan Murphy’s new series Hollywood, currently streaming on Netflix. Her favorite part of being a working actor is getting to coach with people like Larry Moss and Tim Monich.

Alongside award-winning director Erick Zonca (The Dreamlife of Angels), Natta was collaborating director and co-writer on the feature thriller Julia, which was nominated for the Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival and starred Tilda Swinton.

Since completing the UCLA Professional Screenwriting Program, Natta has been living in Los Angeles while raising two young children. She has done voice over work, recently performing Rooney Mara’s role in Terrence Malick’s Song to Song, and has collaborated on several multi-media installations. Her latest work with photographer Linda Tuloup is part of the permanent collection at the MEP in Paris.