A student and teacher at Fly City prepare for a “transfer” on the trapeze


And if you’re feeling even more adventurous, try…

Fly City

presented by the Fly School Circus Arts and the Philadelphia School of Circus Arts

Right across from the Kimmel Center you can learn how to fly on the Trapeze.

As of today Fly City was sold out, but they have just added classes at 2pm this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Reserve your space quickly because I’m sure they’ll sell out these classes, too. http://www.flycitytrapeze.com/

I was impressed with how encouraging all the teachers were. They knew what each and every student needed to work on and clapped and whooped for them on every turn. One student was afraid to let go with his hands once he had his knees over the bar, and everyone cheered for him until he let go. A few seconds later he did a back flip to come off the bar, his first of the day, and there was further cheering.

A student learning another trapeze trick and preparing for a “transfer”

Some of the students were returning and for many it was their first time. In the first round they swung on the bar, the second they had their legs over it, the third they prepared for a “transfer” and on the final “bonus” round, as they called it, most of the students were ready to fly through the air and catch arms with the instructor swinging on the bar across the trapeze. Many of the students, even thought it was their first time on the trapeze, were able to make their transfer, often because they followed the signals of the instructor and jumped when he said jump.

The teachers were quick and ready coaches and made the whole experience a nice hangout in the good weather for all the students.

I think the best time to take the class would be on Saturday during the PIFA Street Fair, when all of broad street will be covered over with grass and you can watch everyone mill about in the PIFA fair fantasy land. Later you can feel like you know a little more about the aerial acrobatics show that will happen at sundown over Broad Street.


A Fly City student learning to swing upside-down

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