If Kate Bush and Joni Mitchell ever were to have a love child, she would sound like IVA – sophisticated, heartfelt, authentic, and deeply moving.

A little jewel is this album that will please fans of pop/ rock with electronic elements, and this is the best pop/rock album I`ve heard in many years from a lady with a fantastic voice!

I have seen a rising star – remember where you read it first!

Lovingly crafted .. this is top quality, ultra commercial pop rock that should become massive all over Europe, and I absolutely love it.

Life-Changing Leap – Years abroad transformed area singer/songwriter and inspired her new album

Keep you eyes open for this remarkable crossover talent…she’s the real thing.

Iva’s voice has a haunting, soulful, seductive quality…she is one of those people who seem to have everything…possessed with a stunning combination of beauty, brains and talent.