Expressen: A John Bauer Princess (01/09)

IVA: A John Bauer Princess

She is a living John Bauer Princess – and her singing makes the angels cry – with enthusiasm. She can sing opera, and she is an amazing singer .. she can also act, play instruments – and she has had several modeling jobs.

Her lyrics are amazing and she lives with nature – all organic is important to her.

I saw her in a role in the opera “Bathsheba” and interviewed her a few days later.

She is so beautiful that almost get angry – and as if that’s not enough: Funny, sexy, warm, charming and extremely empathetic.

Before she moved to Sweden, she lived in New York, but this woman loves to live in Sweden .. she is also together with handsome Martin Karlegard from Reptile Smile.

Well, what do you say? The Winner Takes It All! Some girls have all the fun – and all the talent and beauty as well. But it doesn’t matter – she deserves it.

I have seen a future star – remember where you read it first!

And she and Malin Berghagen – once they meet, they will be best friends immediately – I just know it.