Thank you, John Apice, for this beautiful review, especially this gem: “IVA Voice‘s voice is like a magician’s wand. It simply conjures an illuminating original sound.” Full article: This is quite a different angle since singer-songwriter IVA can also slide easily into an operatic voice which she does with her new pop career. Quite thrilling on her 18-minute Nobody’s Woman (Drops March 3-Independent) & produced by Ross Bellenoit & Jaron Olevsky. Now based in Brooklyn, NY & Delaware Iva’s songs are exuberant & intriguing. What is just a 4 song EP is still a focused introduction to a songwriter with soaring vocals & class. Are there influences? Certainly. But from the start, Iva’s voice is like a magician’s wand. It simply conjures an illuminating original sound. The opening tune “Mid Air,” (that should have been called “One Step Ahead of the Avalanche”), is tantalizing. Great song. A nice tug on the ear throughout. The set was recorded in Philadelphia with multi-instrumentalist Ross Bellenoit. The songs touch upon heartbreak, addiction, friendship & the dissolution of a long-term abusive yet, romantic relationship. Heady stuff. If I had to put Iva in a box with other singers several would come to mind in combination – Aimee Mann, Mary Black, Natalie Merchant, Maria McKee & I’d include Susan Osborne (Paul Winter Consort – “Lay Down Your Burden,” from Common Ground LP). I think what works best for Iva is when she focuses on deeper, sensitive, compelling lyrical compositions rather than songs that are too sweet & pop-oriented. She doesn’t have a mainstream female vocal for cute commercial songs. She has a voice that lifts songs with serious intent & definitely would do well with soulful tunes, bluesier songs, & sexy songs like Peggy Lee’s “Fever,” or Julie London’s “Cry Me a River.” Songs that give her an opportunity to light up the room. The songs on this EP are all fine classy examples of Iva’s sensitivity, her song hooks & their commanding themes. “Oh, Christian,” is spine-tingling at the coda – excellent composition. Iva just has to remember that a powerful voice requires persuasive creative elaborate songs because there are many singers with strong voices who never lift off because of the material. Susan Osborne & Bird York both always remained one step behind major fame despite their elegant vocal prowess & Bird’s masterful seductive tone – long before Adele existed. But these songs provide a peek at Iva’s diamond-sharp performances. Where her perfectly timed “showboating” is never overplayed. And most importantly, not relied on. Everything is well-manicured consistent pieces displayed by a true professional. What’s nice about these brief songs is their simplicity. No highly carbonated instrumentation, no bombastic arrangements & she negotiates the lyrics with finesse soulfully. A pleasure to listen. Highlights – all 4 songs are winners – a full CD will be quite a welcome musical experience. Musicians featured – Jaron Olevsky (Hammond organ), Matt Scarano (drums) & Sam Nobels (bass). Iva