All IVA products are made with 100% organic materials and produced in a safe and fair working environment. We are deeply committed to upholding the highest standards for humane and environmentally responsible production, so you can enjoy inspired great products! (scroll down for more details*)

Iva Pink Little Girl's T-Shirt (Front)

IVA Pink Little Girl's T-Shirt (Back)

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IVA Chocolate Women's T-Shirt (Front)

IVA Chocolate Women's T-Shirt (Back)

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IVA Men's T-Shirt Green (Front)

IVA Men's T-Shirt Green (Back)

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IVA Baby Cap in Khaki Green (Front)

IVA Baby Cap in Khaki Green (Back)

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* ALL IVA PRODUCTS GUARANTEE 100% Organic materials that are safe for the environment as well as made in the greatest work conditions possible, meeting the highest standards!…this is key and important to IVA’s brand and mission.  Inspired great products. Hope you enjoy!
• A safe and caring working environment (in relation to fire, hygienic, ventilation, mechanical operations, personal development)
• Payment above minimum wage
• No child labor; no prison labor
• Fair and prompt payment to suppliers
• Only legal transactions: No black money
• Environmentally friendly production – non pollutants
• No use of harmful chemicals which can remain in products and be hazardous to health

We fulfill our responsibilities by strictly upholding national and international laws, adhering to and complying with the various norms, standards, and directives relating to human rights, employment rights, education, training and personal development, environmental protection and sustainable management.

The Safety and Quality of the Merchandise that we offer for sale is our principle priority, as are the Welfare of all the people involved in the production and supply process, and the Protection of the Environment.

We fulfill these objectives by adhering to and complying with a number of norms, standards, and directives.