IVA (Emily Samson Tepe) gives private vocal training to promising singers looking to develop their authentic voice. She listens for a student’s unique talents and works to develop them through technique, expression, and artistic guidance. Emily also gives public masterclasses and organizes live performances for her students to help develop their stage presence. Vocal styles include classical, crossover, musical theatre, jazz and pop rock. Artistic development guidance is provided for select singers, as is songwriting coaching.

Emily thoroughly prepares students for auditions and performances with vocal, musical, and mental training,  helping them present the “full package”: voice, expression, and charisma on-stage. Her students have been admitted to the Cab Calloway School of the Performing Arts (at a high success rate), The Tisch School of the Performing Arts, Northwestern University, Marymount Manhattan College, the Berkeley School of Music, and the New School. They are frequent soloists and competition winners, Broadway cast members in local and national tours, and rising pop/rock artists with national exposure. They are also musicians who sing for pleasure, whether in community theatre productions or at home with friends.
All ages are accepted for training. Younger students work on basic vocal technique like breathing, vocal stretches, musicianship, and communication in performance, while older students work on more intricate vocal technique as well as interpretation and stage presence. Further training includes diction, theory, and basic piano. Emily coaches her students on their songwriting as appropriate, while helping students choose existing repertoire that suits their voice best.

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To discuss voice lessons with Emily Samson Tepe (IVA),
write to training@ivavoice.com or call +1 302-545-3885.


Sunday thru Tuesday: Wilmington, Delaware (at my home)

Wednesday thru Saturday: New York, New York (including The New SchoolBrooklyn Music School, and a private studio in midtown Manhattan)

Skype and FaceTime lessons also available.


Meet Emily’s talented colleagues and co-teachers:

Becca Jackson

Becca Jackson

Becca Jackson works with students of all ages to find the performer inside them. Using both vocal and acting techniques, she brings forward their true artist and confident self. What will make you a great singer is the ability to be authentically you!
Becca uses her BFA in vocal performance at the University of Delaware, and Meisner acting training from playhouse west, to help isolate where singers excel and what to focus on to improve their vocal talents. She currently works as a professional actor and singer, and her experience in the audition room gives her the unique ability to help others succeed in their own auditions. Whether for the school musical, play, or choir, Becca knows the best approach to feel confident in auditions.
Michelle Ley

Michelle Ley

Michelle Ley is a NYC based singer-songwriter, marrying the pop form, to honest lyrics, a broadway vocal training, and jazz composition. She aims to bring sophistication to pop music, while still maintaining relatability through her sound. Inspired by the music of Sara Bareilles, and the powerful vocal performances of singers like Jessie J, Michelle tries to bring the highest quality vocal sound to everything she performs. Michelle has been writing music since she was a child, and recorded her first studio EP at 15-years-old. She has since performed in cities such as Philadelphia, NYC, Orlando, and her hometown Wilmington, DE. She was a featured artist at the all-women’s music festival, The Ladybug Festival, in 2016 and 2017. Michelle has performed on many national stages, and has even earned the title of Miss Manhattan in 2018, going on to perform, and win an overall talent award at the Miss New York competition. Michelle is a recent graduate of The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music, earning a bachelor of fine arts in Vocal Performance. Michelle is currently working on a new music, and further developing her unique sound.

Michelle is an accomplished music teacher, having taught private lessons with Iva Voice, Brooklyn Music School, and Serviam Girls Academy. She works with beginners and professionals alike, developing a high skill of vocal technique, as well as helping students find their own original sound.


Effective September 1, 2017

1. FEES — total monthly lesson fees are paid at the first lesson of each month with cash or check. Checks are to be made out to IVA Voice and Music LLC. No lessons are given on credit and no postdated checks are accepted. Any returned checks must be reimbursed with added fees. If you have more than two checks returned, you will be put on a cash only basis. Please discuss any extenuating circumstances with me.

2. LESSON SCHEDULING – Lesson scheduling is handled directly with me over the phone at 302-545-3885 or at the following e-mail address: emily@ivavoice.com. My schedule is visible online at www.ivavoice.com/schedule if you need to check on your lesson times, or schedule a lesson, which you can do directly with me once you’ve found times that work for you.

3. CANCELLATIONS — If a lesson is missed without a minimum of 48 hours notice, you will be expected to pay for that lesson before receiving any other lessons. Please notify me directly as early as possible if you will have to miss a lesson. In case of sudden illness of a student or parent, please let me know first thing in the morning before going to work or school, or you will be expected to pay for that day’s lesson.

4. TEACHER ILLNESS – If I am ill and need to cancel lessons, I will find a time to make up the missed lesson with you. If we cannot find a suitable time, I will refund the lesson.

5. SNOW POLICY – If there is snow and you are not able to come to your lesson or do not feel comfortable driving, I will be happy to make up the lesson or do the lesson over Skype/FaceTime during your lesson time. I will not be able to refund the lesson, however.

6. PROMPTNESS — If you are late, you should still expect the lesson to end on time. If I am running late, I will try to give you your full lesson time. Please allow for some time flexibility.

7. PROCEDURE — When you arrive at the studio for your lesson, please come into the house and wait until the previous student’s lesson is over.

8. MATERIALS — Come to lessons with a voice recorder and sheet music in a book or a three ring binder, or loaded onto an iPad.

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