Last week I visited a friend’s home in the rolling Pennsylvania hills for a trunk show. Having been told that the clothes were from artisans in Afghanistan and other countries, I expected a homemade look to the clothes. But when I walked into a room full of glorious colors and luxurious fabrics, I realized that these were some of the most beautiful handwork pieces in the world, all brought to us in the comfort of our American homes by Zaanha.

Hand embroidered pillows

Wendy Summer, the founder of Zaanha (, established the non-profit after she closed her marketing company and traveled to Asia to volunteer. Since 2006 she has made multiple visits to Afghanistan, meeting many of the families of the artisans and learning how much they want for their children to be educated. Wendy directs the proceeds of her sales to fund a school in Afghanistan that needs strong support to stay open.

Silk and Cashmere scarves

Along with gorgeous embroidered pillows, silk and cashmere scarves, throws, embroidered notebooks and coasters were a number of beautiful sweaters and jackets. My generous friend, who had brought me to the sale, said that I had to try on one of the sweaters for a Christmas present. After some (but not much) arm twisting, Wendy and all the ladies at the show helped me pick out a purple sweater that we loved.

Wendy Summer helps me try on a cashmere sweater and matching silk scarf.
Wendy’s got style and grace

While Zaahna, who’s motto is “glamour. for good,” is often sold at home shows and benefit parties, you can shop for Zaanha online and read more about its mission. By giving a Zaahna gift this holiday season you’ll create happiness for your friends at home and your new friends in Afghanistan who, thanks to you, can devote themselves to school and a better life.

Cashmere and silk throws

Zaanha allows you to experience true beauty by opening a window to a better world for children who might otherwise live in the dark.

For more information about Zaanha and to visit their online store, visit, and be sure to visit them on Facebook and Twitter

Zaanha ships all over the world, so for those of you in Sweden and France, or wherever you may be, you can also make Zaanha a present this holiday.

Happy shopping!