Check out Beach Sloth’s review of “RUN” on their blog (Jan 25 2022)!

IVA captures an undeniable yearning spirit with “Run”. Quite beautifully, she updates psychedelic rock and dream pop in her own unique way. The instrumental variety helps to give the song such vibrant bursts of color. Sonically IVA draws from the stately presence of Nico and Beach House, for there is a commanding aspect to the work. Her voice proves to be the very heart and soul of the piece. Genre-wise, beyond the aforementioned, snippets of shoegaze, ambient, and electro enter into the equation giving it that living breathing aspect about it. Minimalism works wonders within the piece for it has a light, bright and airy disposition behind it.

An introduction of found sound starts the work. The giddy melody begins hesitantly at first with the hits of the chords giving it a hypnotic trance. Small flourishes dart their way in and out of the work. Full of love there is a desire that helps to propel the song forward. With a voice akin to Victoria Legrande’s passion, there is a tenderness to her tone. Mixing the electronic and acoustic together it has a soothing warmth to it. Various strings soar up into the sky in a way that adds to the blissed-out aspect of the piece. Everything here comes together for that wonderful finale, where she lets loose ever so slightly. Drumming gains an additional poignancy, and her voice soars up right into the sky.

“Run” features IVA’s ability to paint a surreal, soothing universe one that offers a bit of comfort.