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From Wilmington, Delaware, the versatile artist and singer-songwriter IVA releases an incredibly meaningful and emotional single entitled “Immense Tenderness.”

Initially influenced by her talented oboe-playing grandfather, who led many ensembles throughout his life, IVA later began training in opera singing at the age of nine. After training as a classical soprano at The Julliard School and Manhattan School of Music while also graduating from Princeton University’s world-class performance program, IVA was granted a Fulbright scholarship to study her ancestors’ music in Sweden.

Although her music career has seen many successes, IVA’s journey hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows, as she often fuels her lyrical content with incredibly emotional themes. When speaking on her latest single, “Immense Tenderness,” IVA had this to say, “I was in a turbulent relationship that resulted in domestic violence. ‘Immense Tenderness’ is something I wanted to share in my artistry, if you think it’s your darkest hour, there is hope, and there is light. Speak up and get help.”

Diving into the single, “Immense Tenderness,” the intro opens with a haunting and ethereal operatic vocal arrangement that sweetens our speakers with incredibly dense and celestial tones. As a warm acoustic guitar begins strumming its way to our hearts alongside tender percussion flairs, IVA later makes her way in and expands on how she misses the feeling of immense tenderness before settling with someone who brought the complete opposite.

The lyrics within this single are more than emotional; they’re striking, as IVA continues her vocal venture while touching on her past self before being with someone who drenched her in sorrow and sadness. As the song comes to an end, we’re left in a deep daze of introspection, evaluating what doesn’t serve us anymore.

Get your dose of introspection with help from IVA’s latest poignant single, “Immense Tenderness,” available on all streaming platforms.