It is finally time … we are coming out of the mystical musical woods with the new IVA album, LEAP. Its title is meant to represent a leap of faith, a leap into an important change in life, or taking a chance on something you love. It also represents a change in the sound of IVA over the last few years of performing and writing. It’s been quite an involved process to take the album to exactly the places it needs to go since we began in January, and to our great happiness the journey has been fruitful. Thank you for your patience.

Over the next few weeks and months visit us on Facebook and the website as we prepare a new website and artwork to go with the new music. Tim Sonnefeld has done incredible, impeccable work with the production and David Norbut has taken beautiful new photos to go with it. The musicians in my band have delivered their very best performances and been joined by choice classical instrumentalists on some of the tracks. We will share the process with you in picture and video!

We aim to have the album ready for a full release in early 2015, and will be arranging a pre-order in the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned!

With love and thanks for your inspiration!

Emily (IVA)