Young”, the first single from our upcoming EP “Traitor” is here!!


You’ve been patient with us as we craft it with love, care, and, yes, time. About a month ago, we decided to release a live video of “Young” on Facebook, and people have been giving it tons of love (>44k views!). We are thrilled! So we decided to release the first single TODAY on Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, & more.

Playing on this single are some of the band members I’ve been lucky to work with for a number of years now, including Sam Nobles on bass, Matt Scarano on drums, and Ross Bellenoit who delivers a sick guitar solo. I’ve decided to dub us “The New Young” for this album cause, hell, we found something cool and fresh with this music, and we feel alive.

Young” and the entire EP were produced by the truly amazing Jaron Olevsky in Philadelphia. Jaron works with Amos Lee as his music director and took on some of my songs as he was building his own home studio. What he created blew my mind, and off we went. Meanwhile the supremely talented Trey Pollard of Spacebomb Records was brewing up some string arrangements for the tunes. Together we and my beautiful band made something that we LOVE, our EP, “Traitor”.

Live video of “Young” at Rittenhouse

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