Rescheduled to FRIDAY February 25, 8-10pm ET – virtual concert by IVA on Eventbrite and Facebook

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IVA’s upcoming single, entitled “Run,” will be released on January 28, 2022. The ethereal track features IVA’s otherworldly voice immersed in vintage synths and lush strings, with vocal choreography that is a stroke of pure enchantment. IVA articulately describes it as “an antidote to the dead of winter, and an allegory for the gloom of the pandemic. We’re all stuck inside, afraid of Covid. It’s easy to feel like we’re losing our minds. But we can find a way to step out and run, whether it’s literally running, or finding that stroke of inspiration that helps us out of a fixed mindset into a more open way of thinking.” IVA’s new release offers the public a chance to feel the light within themselves.