“IVA’s “BLUE” will reawaken every center of emotion in your body … sophisticated, heartfelt, authentic, and deeply moving … exceptional songwriting, singing and strings.”

IVA sends her love and gratitude to Tonemamas Andrea Niane and Bella Human for this incredible review!!

Tonemill blog Dec 5 2020!


Well…it’s been an emotional time for us all, hasn’t it? If you haven’t gone through fifty tissue boxes, randomly collapsing on the floor and sobbing/throwing your hands into the air yelling “Why”…are you even alive in 2020? Well, you might not be and in that case, we have a remedy – IVA’s, “BLUE” will reawaken every center of emotion in your body.

With a crystal-clear voice IVA draws us in as she contemplates what “BLUE” means. Throughout the composition, the artist switches between the grandiose and the down-to-earth/theatrical and genuine. The Tonemamas can’t help thinking that if Kate Bush and Joni Mitchell ever were to have a love child, she would sound like IVA – sophisticated, heartfelt, authentic, and deeply moving.

The track opens up with haunting dissonant strings that will unsettle, but upon IVA’s voice entering, all will be restored. It’s not often you find a singer whose voice has restorative qualities, but IVA does it and she does it spectacularly. Originally from Sweden, IVA studied opera at Juilliard and now blesses her audience with exceptional songwriting, singing and strings.

Well, we feel another random-collapse-sob-on-the-floor moment coming, so we’re tuning into IVA’s “Blue” to walk us through it, join us if you’re in a similar space. There’s enough blue for us all.

Listen for this moment: 03:07 the eerily stunning instrumental where her voice coos over the gorgeous string arrangement

Best listened to: On a rainy day when your bed won’t let you go – stop resisting, and instead turn on this track and sink into your feelings for a minute.

Tonemill blog Dec 5 2020!