Review of “Immense Tenderness” on Beach Sloth

“IVA possesses a voice that seems to rise up to the mountaintops on the soulful serenity of “Immense Tenderness”. The mixture of genres captivates. She blends an operatic approach alongside something more pastoral, even folksy in origin, alongside a distinct, expansive western twang. With a sound that remains impossible to fully pin down, the cyclical nature of the work makes it quite beguiling. Every element plays off the last for theirs has a gradual yet steady buildup, one that adds to the grandeur of the track. Lyrics here have a compassion to them for every verse touches the very soul in a way that absolutely stuns.

“Her work brings together both a classic rock spirit alongside something a bit more contemporary. For the early sound of things, her operatic cadence takes a page from Nico’s rather elegant 70s-era output, as the beauty at times feels almost haunting to experience. Lighter elements emerge and draw from her contemporaries like Angel Olsen’s expansive portrait alongside Weyes Blood’s otherworldly adventures. By rolling the past and present into her overall arrangement, the song has a dreamy lovely hue to it.

“The beginning feels absolutely stately, for her voice touches extremely high note revealing her remarkably large range. Upon that spirited, suspended in time open the song begins to shift a bit, wafting on back down to earth. Arrangements are selected with care and the instrumental variation further brings color into the work. Pace is the trick for everything takes the right amount of time to get things pitch-perfect. Layer upon layer is applied with such care, for she considers each gesture making sure it counts in full. From the quiet, hushed origin the song becomes symphonic, with the sound seemingly becoming a sheer force of nature. Drum work needs to be noted, for the taut yet jazz-like cadence makes sure that there is an expressiveness there, one that feels so blissful. With all the attention and color flowing on in, the piece reaches its apex for the grand finale.

“With the epic bard of “Immense Tenderness” IVA depicts a true whirlwind of activity, one that makes the experience fully immersive.”