April 6, 2022 – Review of ‘RUN’ by IVA from Music Authentic

“Run” merits from IVA’s extraordinary vocal abilities. Her voice smoothly swifts from pop to opera range and back, yet, her delivery still remains a coherent, one-of-a-kind musical experience – one that should be heard on every radio station and played in every venue, club and a must listen to and performed LIVE. As an internationally acclaimed artist, IVA chose her production team well for this project, the mix by Nick Krill and the mastering my Gerry Putnam give a clear and rightly highlighted sound and Jaron Olevsky on instruments also brings professionalism to the table; IVA equally shows her artistic and stellar songwriting skills.

The song is a refreshing fresh take on life and emotions with liberating, relatable storytelling and once again: an exceptional, fine-tuned, healthy, energetic yet smooth singing, a trademark of IVA.

Compared to her “Blue”(2019) “Run” does not feel to be too theatrical but a well-written and greatly performed ‘yes’ to life.

The chord progression establishes a positive vibe; the rhythm section is designed to correlate with the trends, the mid-tempo is on spot to keep it interesting; the chorus is an uncopiable vocal magic; the bridge is a refreshing change tailored into the pocket and the decrescendo makes the listener to listen “Run” again.

IVA is probably one of the greatest talents of these years and should find her place next to Adele.

Ultimately, Run by IVA is a milestone both for the singer-songwriter and for her audience.