My voice students and I have a group hug to begin the showcase


Earlier in June I held a showcase performance for my voice students at the World Café Live at the Queen in Wilmington, Delaware. It was an incredible show. The performers exceeded my and their own expectations.  They sang better than I’d heard them before, and they were all warm and supportive of each other, which enhanced everyone’s performance. For two of my students it was their first time ever singing on a stage in front of an audience, and they both made incredible breakthroughs by performing despite their nerves. The audience was amazed that it was their first time on stage, as they both are such natural talents and sang so well.

"Like a star" Cover by Zoe Harper & Brian Moore

Twelve of my students performed that evening, of all ages, from nine years old to age 18. Some of the students performed with guitarist, producer and artist Ross Bellenoit on guitar, (I have the privilege of Ross’s performing in my band) while others performed with backtracks. With my younger students we have worked on basic vocal technique like breathing and stretching the voice, as well as communicating the words and presence during performance. They did an excellent joy of sharing their voice and their message onstage. They are brave young women! With my older students we work on more intensive vocal technique as well as performance preparation and mental training, and each young woman got up and gave a heartfelt performance. They brought out the best in each other.

Liz Carlson , from Moment of Truth

After the showcase there was an open mic where anyone could join and sing. As it turned out, many of my students were raring to get back on stage and perform again. Maitland, one of the performers who had never sung before, got up and performed a Green Day song with her new found confidence in her ability. Another student of mine came to the stage and said that she wanted to sing “The Climb” again because she had had a not-so-great performance of it a year ago. She really nailed the performance and felt she’d redeemed herself. I was so proud of her for telling us why she was there and being brave enough to shake off an old wound and get a fresh perspective. Two of my students are in a band together called “Moment of Truth” and they stood up and performed one of their band’s songs with Liz on guitar and Zoe on the mic. I’ll share that video soon. Vivian also returned to the stage to perform “The Way I Am” by Ingrid Michaelsson. This year Vivian was admitted to NYU’s prestigious Tisch school for Music Theatre but decided to go to Northwestern where she’ll be a theatre major and audition for the Music Theatre Program. She is on her way!

Ross Bellenoit also graced us with a performance of “Stranger” from his new EP Home Songs. I suggest you check it out!

More pictures and videos as they come in…

Vivian Prieto and Ross Bellenoit perform “The Girl from Ipanema”