It’s a delicate and highly poignant acoustic ballad that allows the beauty of IVA’s voice to shine. With her crystalline vocals right to the fore of the mix, she gives a hugely intimate and emotive performance that displays enormous emotional courage and vulnerability. […]

The “heart on the sleeve” style of song brought to mind the troubled love songs of Joni Mitchell’s Blue era and Immense Tenderness has a similarly deep and profound emotional resonance. Somewhat of an epic at nearly six minutes, it certainly doesn’t feel that long as IVA’s haunting voice and heartbroken words keep you captivated till the end.

Overall, this is a magnificent, melancholy ballad by a singer of unique quality. Though she was trained in opera, IVA understands the power of understatement and her depiction of a tragic descent into domestic violence is deeply affecting and poignant whilst still restrained. Her ascendancy will only continue with time.