The Magical Mixed BeltNEW Online Course starting June 9th!

Have you been looking for the key to unlock your singing voice? Is there a song you have always wanted to sing, but it just doesn’t feel right? Chances are you need the MIXED BELT TECHNIQUE.

In this eight week course, you’ll learn how the mixed-belt technique works, vocal exercises to cultivate it, and how to approach your repertoire in a new way. The class includes individual & group coachings, help with song choices based on your unique style, and an online performance. You will master it and be able to take the stage in a world class production.

Gain the tools you need to take on any audition and give dynamic performances using your new versatility. Find strength & agility in your singing voice and hone your authentic sound.

This class is vital for newcomers to vocal training who want to sing popular & musical theatre styles of music. It’s also excellent for actors & dancers who want to ace the singing portion of their auditions & land the role of their dreams.

Before I discovered the mixed belt technique, I had a hard “break” between my chest & head voice and had to switch to my operatic voice to access belt notes in musical theatre & pop songs. The mixed belt technique was the missing link for me to sing all kinds of repertoire without limitation. It allowed me to MIX my HEAD and CHEST voice into one thrilling, deeply resonant, modern sound throughout my range.

Do you want to feel that magic? Join us!

Classes run Wednesdays from 7-9pm ET

June 9th thru July 28th on Zoom

Class limit of 20 – ENROLL HERE

Price – $350

Learn this unique vocal technique and find your own authentic style!