This past month I’ve been blessed to be back in contact with some of my most beloved friends and family in the world, all who live in different parts of the globe. After being able to see these wonderful people regularly while we were living in the same cities, now it takes some time to catch up. We always start right where we left off, however, only it’s more than that. I’ve been amazed at how well these friends know me, believe in me, and give me thoughtful advice that I really need. Of course I love them and would always do the same to help them through, I just don’t always understand that it goes both ways.

At the same time, I’ve been listening to Eckhart Tolle’s “The Power of Now” on an audiotape from Please get a copy of it right now. Eckhart Tolle speaks about “presence”, being entirely here now without being trapped in the past or unhealthily anticipating a future that does not yet exist. And there is so much more to it. Do yourself a favor and as the summer approaches, start listening to this book and tape and work with it every day. You will start to see a major shift in your life…

That is all for now as I’m off to teach my wonderful students … if you’ve ready “The Power of Now”, let me know your thoughts!